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You are a really wonderful practitioner and I feel totally safe in your hands. You can use that as a client testimonial if you like! I just thought of it. "Michele is a really wonderful practitioner and I feel totally safe and nurtured in her hands." RS-Cremorne

The experience I had on Friday was so wonderful that I could almost forget who I was. The following day I was very tired and felt like sleeping all day. However my soul was so clean. Now I am over all those heavy feelings and am very energetic. (I've done an exercise this morning already!) Thank you once again for the help and hoping to see you soon. Mizue M. 13-09-04

I came with aches and pains and now they are all gone. I feel like I have a sparkling sensation all around me. Thank you very much! Kaytee 07-03-04

Dear Michele, Many Thanks for an elevating day. During the session I wasn't sure what to expect but as we started the sounds seem to calm me & wash warmth and strong energy over me. I am very sensitive to energies and every sound from the singing crystal bowls touched me in a very positive and calming way. I felt like I had done this before. After the session I felt clear and really grounded. I meditate a lot and also study metaphysics and will be studying colour and spiritual healing, so what you do is of great interest to me. I had the most wonderful day beyond my expectations - Thank you! Fiona T 16-10-02

Michele gently uses all the elements to enhance our journey with the crystal bowls. Her language is full of splendour and its richness helps to lift our hearts and helps us to learn more deeply. Her enthusiasm for these wonderful healing instruments shines. Michele uses colour, meditation and peace as wonderful instruments,too. Thank you for using your heart to play to us. Mary B 23-06-02

Michele plays from the heart. Her intuitive feelings are expressed in the sounds of the bowls, creating energy and healing. Her passion for the crystal bowls is conveyed during her workshop both energetically and physically. I love the way Michele has combined all the senses in her presentations. From cards, crystals, sound & Aura-Soma. She is a gift waiting to be discovered. Margaret W 21-07-02

Dear Michele, since your session I find that I'm living more in the present moment, which I'm loving. During the session I went deep into myself - wasn't conscious of anything going on in the room. Gone - as if in deep meditation. Look forward to next time. Mary S 24-09-02

Dear Michele, the 24th November was a wonderful experience - talk about the 'joyous thrill of the heavens'! Simply divine it was. I had a blissful third eye experience in which the colour indigo appeared so strongly and vividly before my third eye. And I could feel that chakra in motion. I was not at all focused on this consciously, eg; was not visualizing, but this very spontaneous event occurred unanticipated. I loved drinking the magenta water and enjoyed very much choosing an inner child card. My choice was the little prince - it said 'the sweetest love is blossoming in your life right now, climb aboard the butterfly of transformation.' I experienced much heart chakra healing and many of my messages had the common theme of allowing myself to enjoy the fullest of love. And the best thing is, it's true, that is right where I'm at. Much love to you. Angela O 24-09-02

Thanks very much Michele. I thought it was a lovely experience. The bowls was just enough time. Just when I thought - I've had enough now, you stopped. I felt very peaceful and energized afterwards. Went for a swim in the sea and felt very peaceful, cleansed and energized. The next day also felt great but the day after I felt v-negative. I'm clearing out a lot of negativity a the moment. I'd like to do it again! I really enjoyed the Aura-Soma and drinking the energized water. The coloured bottles looked lovely in the sun. Linda C 24-09-02

Hi Michele, thank you very much for such a wonderful healing night. It was just magic the effect of the bowls blew me away. I really appreciated the reading of the colours later which were spot on. You are a beautiful soul and a wonderful healer. I'm sure I will be in touch soon. Una D 18-02-03

Thank you Michele for a rich, warm unfolding of new things for me to experience and for pondering on in the future. Walking the Labyrinth has fed my searching heart. Julieanne J 02-03-03

Michele. Your gifts and talents resonate into every stroke... and the Synergy you create sends ripples to my very core. Thank you for the experience and for sharing yourself with us at the Sounds of Peace Concert tonight. Adele & Danny 24-09-03


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This website was made possible thanks to

Kali Madden (Buddy and Computer Geek) for pushing me over the edge and getting me to have the courage to write my own words and trusting in that process, all this without saying or doing much at all actually, just waiting for me to kick into gear. For helping me set up this website, and for leading me straight to the Web Angel.

Eric Graudins the Web Angel (Web Host) for his integrity ethics and all round support.

Kathie Mason (Web Expert) for bringing it all to life and making it so beautiful, and helping me with updates & maintenance.

Tracylee Arestides (Editor) my very dear friend, for making sense of it all, so that all of you wonderful people have an easy time reading this web site.

Parampara Hughes (Astrologer) In loving memory - for holding my hand while showing me what the stars had in store for me. It was reassuring, comforting and strengthening experience to have been in her care and to have known her.

Philip Stul, Che-usa and Renee Brodie, for making it all seem and sound so easily attainable.

Jodie http://www.freshphotography.com for her artistic contribution with pictures of me and the bowls on Shelly Beach.

Steve Morato of 'character', (graphic artist) for his invaluable all round talent and patience with my brochure.

Sandrine & Nola & Freddie Thank you for your friendship & for having Gemini in North Node like me. I don't know how and where I'd be without you.


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Copyright© 2000 - 2018 by Michele Macgregor

All rights reserved

including the right of reproduction

in whole or in part in any form

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Other writings used here are indicated by name where applicable, and only done so with kind permission from each source. Thank you all.

LUXMI ® is the registered Trade Mark of Michele Macgregor

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What is written here is what I know to be true and/or truth. To my best knowledge and understanding and for the highest possible good of all living things.

It is your sole responsibility what you do with any and all information on this website. If you are sick, ill or in danger always seek the help of a medical professional first.

If you are under medical supervision and in a safe space, you may like to explore some of the possibilities presented here to help bring back harmony, health and equilibrium of deep reaching and long lasting nature.

This website does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. Heart and Soul at Work places a palette of means at the reader's disposal which, if properly used, enables him/her to bring body and soul into harmony, and can serve the process of raising the consciousness level.

The intent of Heart and Soul at Work is to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional well-being and good health. In the event you use any of the information on this website for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and producer of Heart and Soul at Work accepts no legal responsibility for any action you may choose to take relating to matters contained on this site.


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Your Comments

Wow ! You can tell that was definitely a labour of love and well worth the wait ! Congratulations on the beautiful masterpiece you have created ... it raises web sites to a new level and your intention of sharing is very clear and purposeful .... well done ... now I know what YOU have been doing this year ... it would have taken a lot of effort to grow that baby ! ... love Juliet xoxoxox

Michelle I have just had a quick look and its fantastic. Well done. Cheers GERRY TRAVERS Independent Entertainment Pty Ltd

Hi Michelle, Congratulations: Looks like it all went smoothly. Your site is interesting - and covers some topics I haven't heard of before. I sure could use some mind and body rebalancing at times !! Regards, Eric Graudins Web Angel

bravo and congratulations!!!! how wonderful to see you out there in the world. . . lets book a time to 'splash some water on the baby's head'. love, tl x

Michele, Beautiful web site! We are happy for you! Much love and success, Carol and Cedric

It's a truely sensationally marvellous extraordinarily high quality website!!!!!!! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S and J U B I L A T I O N S!!! The waiting /though awfully un-aries-wise) was worth it!!!!! It expresses a lot about your beautifully terrific personality!!! Well done!!!!!!!! Tons a hugs and kisses Philip

gorgeous,. congratulations... I have had a quick look and added it to favourites.. blessings, on this harmonic concordance and always Marama xoxoxox

Nice site!!! Lovely to read! X Angela

Dear Michele, Thank you for sending your website information. I have only looked at a small portion of it and would like to say that your love and warmth oozes from it. It is very fitting that it was launched today. I will read the rest of the website when I have a bit more time. Just one small thing- you need to add an 'r' into Freddie Mercury's name. I absolutely adore Queen. One more thing we have in common. Take care. Love Nola

Darling Michele! Your web site is beautiful as I knew it would be. Congratulations on your gorgeous delivery, love lots, Kali xxx

Hi Michelle Congratulations on the birth of your dream...truly a beautiful and inspiring website. The softness, colours and pictures touch and delight me... Namaste Linda

Life's little synchronicities Michelle. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. I shall go & visit her right now. Blessings Remy (...so you think it's a girl, Remy. Actually I feel it is quite,...'Roger, help me out here', "Androgynous", yeah that's right, Androgynous, actually.)

Michele its wonderful!!!! how clever are you...... Well done its marvelous. I wish I was as committed to myself as you are...You have worked hard to achieve where you are at. I wish you so much luck in your ventures in this field Michele.... Lots of Love Judith from sunny Queensland (its raining today)

What a wonderful Web site! I am so happy for you. It was great to see a photo of you, too. You always put a smile on my face and gave me a warm feeling. Melissa P.

Hello being of light... Well, what a tour- i've just been going through your website. Absolute magic and a joy to read. Blessed be! Simone M.

Dear Michele, I've just skimmed through your website...it is truly amazing..and a honour to see someone who truly works from the heart....I wish you all the very best (as you clearly deserve) and hope some of your inspiration rubs off onto me......loads of love Adele

Dear Michele I have just had a look at your website - it is extremely beautiful and so fantastically put together. I just read your story of your holiday at the seaside and I was very touched and moved by it and your elequence - very beautifully written. It is a visual, spiritual, emotional and intelectual feast. Thank you for letting me share it. Much love and blessings, Rosalie xxxx

I love your website - the soft colours, the energy reflected in your beautiful words, the great information - warmest congratulations Michele. I wish you joy & success on your journey of love & service. Susie Nelson-Smith

glad you all like it - blessings to you

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Snippets of Inspiration

No matter what happens, always keep your childish innocence. It's the most important thing. (federico fellini)

Breathe, breathe in the air. Don't be afraid to care. Leave but don't leave me. Look around and choose your own ground. For long you live and high you fly. And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry. And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be.

All that you touch - and all that you see - all that you taste - all you feel. And all that you love - and all that you hate - all you distrust - all you save. And all that you give - and all that you deal and all that you buy - beg borrow or steal. And all you create - and all you destroy - And all that you do - and all that you say - And all that you eat - and everyone you meet - And all that you slight - and everyone you fight. And all that is now - and all that is gone - and all that's to come - And everything under the sun is in tune. But the sun is eclipsed by the moon. (pink floyd 1972/3)


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